Outside East View

St Andrew's Church, Halberton, Devon

Keep St Andrew's Open Appeal

Why is this appeal necessary?

St Andrew's faces an uncertain future. Built in another era, when rich patrons would generously endow churches and keep them running, the costs of running and maintaining the Grade 1 Listed building and all it provides to the community have become more than today's regular congregation can sustain.

What is the current situation?

If nothing is done and present trends continue there will be insufficient funds to continue in about three year's time. This is aside from major repairs - for example it looks as if the roof will need to be replaced before too long.

So who is threatening to close St Andrew's?

No-one is threatening to close St Andrew's. Exeter diocese and the PCC as trustees are determined to do everything possible to secure its future. However, without sufficient support from the community it will eventually be forced to close its doors.

What are the aims of this appeal?

The aims are to raise awareness of the situation and provide the local community with an opportunity to secure the future of their parish church. Particular emphasis has been placed on the need for continuing and regular support rather than this being an effort to simply raise a one-off lump sum.

How can I find out more?

Click here for the letter sent to everyone in the parish.

Click here for the leaflet 'Giving to St Andrew's which contains forms for making contributions and Gift Aiding them.

The above links also provide contacts who can provide information or help with making a donation.