The Grand Western Canal passes through the Parish of Halberton
The Grand Western Canal passes through the Parish of Halberton
An Historic Devon Parish
Welcome to Halberton
Halberton is a large rural Parish in the County of Devon between the towns of Tiverton and Cullompton, close to the city of Exeter.
Outside the village are several small communities and the hamlets of Ash Thomas and Brithem Bottom.
Herne Bridge - What We Know
UPDATED 19-Oct-2021 Ongoing updates as we hear about them.
Update from Historical Railways Estate.
Intrusive investigations undertaken, initial findings was relatively poorly compacted red sand, which would likely explain how there was such a wash-out and such large badger setts. Schedule is the second week in November to start the grout injection works, with an estimated 2 weeks duration. The contractor will then need the following week for reinstating the surfacing, etc.
So it should be completed by the first week in December.

The information in the linked document is an updated compilation of the facts that we know from the relevant bodies as listed and not in any way Halberton Parish Councils view or assumption.

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WHERE is Halberton ?
Map showing Halberton at Street level Map showing Halberton's location in the West Country Map showing Halberton at Town/Village level Map showing Halberton at Street level Click this map for more details
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